Yearlong Wilderness Bushcraft Immersion Program

Course Info
· Length: 12 Months
· Tuition: $24,125
· Min/Max Size: 4
· GI Bill: Partial
· Americorps: Partial

12-Month, Full-Time Residential Training Program

The Yearlong Wilderness Bushcraft Immersion Program (YIP) is a full-time, 12 month immersion into bushcraft, guide training, primitive living skills and expedition training. It’s a no BS, no new-age mumbo jumbo, no hand-holding experience that is heavy on academic work and accountability and definitely not for everyone. We’re not trying to appeal to a large audience; we’re looking for people who are determined, coachable, hard workers, and ready for a challenge.  

This program is residential; housing and staple foods are included in the tuition. While at the field school, this means camping. During cold weather, it means camping in woodstove-outfitted canvas tents. While at the folk school (during the course and over breaks), students are housed in our modern lodge.

Prerequisite: Wilderness Bushcraft Semester and Journeyman Certification

The Yearlong Immersion Program is only available to those who have taken the Wilderness Bushcraft Semester and successfully completed our Journeyman Guide Certification. This ensures that our program and teaching style are a good fit for you. As this is advanced training and a residential program consisting of a very small number of people, how we get along is a crucial factor with regard to successful outcomes.

We will be updating the information on our site to reflect this at the end of the summer when we get back from our annual canoe expedition. This will decrease the tuition to $17,025 as it will no longer include the tuition from the Wilderness Bushcraft Semester.

Components And Dates For 2018-2019

Fall WBS

  • 8/19-10/20 Wilderness Bushcraft Semester

Fall Term

  • 10/28-11/2 Business Boot Camp
  • 11/4-11/10 Autumn Woodsman
  • 11/11-11/17 Trapping Camp
  • 11/18-11/23 Braintanning Week
  • 11/25-12/1 Carve & Bend Snowshoe Frames
  • 12/2-12/8 Teambuilding Session 1
  • 12/2-12/8 Teambuilding Session 2

Winter Term

  • 1/13-1/19 Snowshoe lacing
  • 1/20-1/26 Sleds, Toboggans & Mukluks
  • 2/3-2/9 Winter Woodsman & Cold Ecology
  • 2/10-2/22 Boreal Snowshoe Expedition

Cree Cultural Trip (North Trip)

  • 3/1-3/9 Ouje Bougoumou Trip (9 days inc. travel)

Spring Break Trip (South Trip)

  • 3/16-3/30 Everglades Paddling Trip

Spring Term

  • 4/7-4/13 Spring Folk School: Paddle & Basket
  • 4/14-4/20 Spring Folk School: Archery
  • 4/28-5/4 Spring Woodsman
  • 5/5-6/1 Wilderness Canoe Expedition Semester
  • 6/2-6/22 Primitive Wilderness Living Practicum


More information coming soon.

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