Summer Woodsman Gear List

•  Broken in footwear. Must be good for walking.

•  Sandals or water shoes (can be old sneakers, but these dry slowly)

•  Knee-high waterproof boots (when the weather is cool)

•  Sleeping Bag: rated to 40 degrees

•  Sleeping Pad (foam pad or Thermarest)

•  Tent – Be sure you set it up and stay in it a few times before arriving, and that it has noseeum netting

•  Long Pants

•  Underwear, T-Shirts, shorts, etc.

•  Bathing Suit

•  Other clothing that can get dirty and beat up.

•  Towel

•  Rain Gear

•  Hat with wide brim (for sun and rain protection)

•  Sun Glasses

•  Personal Toiletries, washcloth, biodegradable soap, etc.

•  Head Lamp or flashlight

•  Cup for Hot/Cold drinks (unbreakable, travel mug-style)

•  Plate, bowl, fork, spoon and net bag to hold them (similar to a laundry bag)

•  Cook pot with a bail handle (Mors Pot, 16 cm Zebra pot, coffee can with lid or something similar). Will be used for cooking food .

•  Water Bottle with wide mouth

•  Orienteering compass

•  Notebook and pen/pencil

Tool List

•  Sharp Knife, fixed blade (non-folding) – We recommend the Frosts Mora #2 in carbon steel, available from Ben’s Backwoods

•  Axe with Sturdy Leather Sheath (no hatchets) – handle should not be shorter than 25″. Contact Pole And Paddle Canoe for old, high-quality axes

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