Boreal Snowshoe Expedition Gear List

•  1 pair 10-inch high Tingley (or similar) rubber overboots
•  Felt Boot Liners: the best I’ve seen are from Steger Mukluks
•  Insulative Boot Insoles
•  Sleeping Bag rated to at least -20 degrees
•  Sleeping Pad
•  Tarp: No smaller than 10′ x 10′
•  Long Underwear: 2 pairs (no cotton)
•  Wool Socks: 3-4 pair (no cotton)
•  Wool or fleece Shirt
•  Wool Pants: 1 pair
•  Windproof jacket and pants (can be rain gear)
•  Rain Gear – should be sized to fit over cold weather clothes, can double as windproof gear
•  Parka or warm Jacket
•  Warm winter hat or 2
•  Mittens
•  Leather Work Gloves
•  Sun Glasses
•  Personal Toiletries
•  Flash Light or Head Lamp
•  Snowshoes: 1 pair (read about snowshoe sizing information, and please contact me before buying)
– The Faber “sport” model is the traditional style for this part of the world, and works very well.
– Another option is the military magnesium snowshoe (google it)
– Don’t purchase bindings, as we’ll be making them.
•  Cup for Hot/Cold drinks (unbreakable)
•  Plate, bowl, fork, spoon
•  Small cook pot (Mors Pot, 16 cm Zebra pot, coffee can with lid or something similar)
•  Water Bottle with wide mouth (metal water bottles can be put directly on the stove, a bonus)
•  Notebook and pen/pencil

•  Duffle bag to carry your gear when snowshoeing. This is to hold all your personal gear when traveling. It is important that the bag have no rigid frame, such as an external or internal frame backpacks, so that it will ride well on the toboggan.
Another consideration is the width of the bag when filled. If it is wider than the toboggan, it will act like a big anchor being dragged through the snow. An economical choice is a canvas parachute cargo bag. These are narrow enough for the toboggans. You may need to get 2 to hold all your gear. They can be lined with a trash bag, and also treated (way before the trip) and turned into waxed canvas or oilskin.

Tool List

•  Sharp Knife, fixed blade (non-folding) – We recommend the Frosts Mora #2 Carbon Steel, available from Ben’s Backwoods
•  Axe with Sturdy Leather Sheath (no hatchets) – handle should not be shorter than 25″. Contact Pole And Paddle Canoe for old, high-quality axes.
•  File (mill bastard, flat) and sharpening tool or stone

Optional Gear

•  Camera
•  Orienteering compass
•  Ice fishing gear

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