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Bring these with you. While we do have a library at the field school, library books don’t leave the library. If you want one to bring with you to your tent/shelter, on trips, etc., you have to bring your own.

For The Wilderness Bushcraft Semester

Jack Mountain Bushcraft Student Handbook  – We’re currently updating our student handbook, but there is still some pertinent information in the old one. Available in print or as a download. More info.

First Person Ecology – Our nature study curriculum. Available in print or as a download. More info.

Jack Mountain Bushcraft School Canoe Handbook – Our canoe skills curriculum. Available in print or as a download. More info.

AMC Guide To Outdoor Leadership by Alex Kosseff. A solid primer on soft skills and group dynamics. Required reading. Pick up a used copy for less than $5.

Eric Sloane’s Weather Book by Eric Sloane. This book is back in print after a long absence. We strongly recommend you get your own copy of this as we’ll be reading it the first week and going back to it for reference and clarification throughout the course. Better yet, get it and read it before the course. More info.

Tracking And The Art Of Seeing by Paul Rezendes. Tracking and wildlife ecology. There are plenty of used copes for less than $10. More info.

Not required but strongly recommended: Maine Atlas And Gazetteer. Keep track of where we are, where we travel in the woods, and plan your own trips. The bible for backwoods and river travel in Maine. More info.

For The Boreal Snowshoe Expedition

Winter: An Ecological Handbook by James Halfpenny.  A great book about life and nature in the cold. Usually there are multiple copies available for less than $1. More info.

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