Yearlong Wilderness Bushcraft Immersion Program

2019-2020 Course Info
· When: 10/24-8/8
· Tuition: $17,750
· Min/Max Size: 4
· GI Bill: Partial
· Americorps: Partial

12-Month, Full-Time Residential Training Program

NOTE: As a result of selling our folk school property, we can no longer provide housing in the winter months. As such, the Yearlong Immersion is not a viable program at this time. As such, we’ve cancelled it for 2019-2020. For more details, check out this blog post. We will leave this page up as we are actively looking for a similar property close to the field school, so we may revisit the Yearlong Immersion in 2020-2021.

The Yearlong Wilderness Bushcraft Immersion Program (YIP) is a full-time immersion into bushcraft, guide training, primitive living skills and expedition training. It’s a no BS, no new-age mumbo jumbo, no hand-holding experience that is heavy on academic work and accountability and definitely not for everyone. We’re not trying to appeal to a large audience; we’re looking for people who are determined, coachable, hard workers, and ready for a challenge.  

The YIP is a deep dive into becoming a professional bushcraft instructor and wilderness guide by combining field experience with academic research and study. The modern world is interested in shallow knowledge and understanding. This program is the opposite – it goes deep.

Professional training at the Jack Mountain Bushcraft School starts with The Wilderness Bushcraft Semester (WBS). The YIP begins where the WBS leaves off. It runs from late October through the following August. The combination of the WBS and YIP is a unique 12-month training program.

Who The YIP Is For

The framework of the program consists of standards-based professional training. Our goal is to train future industry leaders and give them a running start. This program is for future business owners, as starting, running and maintaining a business is one of our intended learning outcomes. Our goal is to pass on the skills that have made the Jack Mountain Bushcraft School so successful over the past two decades. These include the bushcraft, guiding and business skills.

Why Us, And Why Now?

After inventing the long-term program and two successful decades running them, we know what it takes to succeed and lead in the outdoor industry. We’ve seen countless outdoor businesses start, only to disappear after a year or two. Sometimes the reality of owning and running a business doesn’t match up with the fantasy. Sometimes the business model wasn’t viable. Sometimes people didn’t want to put in the hard work necessary to be successful. We’ve learned where the gaps are. We have a proven record of success, and we want to pass on the deep knowledge we’ve learned to the next generation. In bushcraft, in wilderness guiding and in business.

Residential. Two Different Locations, Plus Time On The Trail

This program is residential; housing and staple foods are included in the tuition. Part of the time is spent living outdoors at the field school in northern Maine. Part of the time is spent in our modern lodge at our folk school in New Hampshire (during the course and over breaks). And a good portion of the time is spent living in the field, on the trail.

Group Size: 4

We’ve determined that the minimum viable group size is four people. We’ve also determined that maximum group size for housing in the lodge at the folk school is four people.

Prerequisite: Wilderness Bushcraft Semester and Journeyman Certification

The Yearlong Immersion Program is only available to those who have taken the Wilderness Bushcraft Semester and successfully completed our Journeyman Guide Certification. This ensures that our program and teaching style are a good fit for you. As this is advanced training and a residential program consisting of a very small number of people, how we get along is a crucial factor with regard to successful outcomes.

Application Details

We will be accepting applications at the end of the spring Wilderness Bushcraft Semester, beginning on June 29. More details coming soon.

Components And Dates For 2019-2020

Fall Term

  • Thursday, 10/24 Arrive at the folk school (NH)
  • 10/28-11/1 Brown Ash Pack Baskets, Including molds and custom tools (NH)
  • 11/4-11/8 Braintanning Buckskin (NH)
  • 11/11-11/15 Fall Woodsman and Winter Shelters (ME)
  • 11/18-11/22 Trapping Camp (ME)
  • 11/25-11/29 Crooked Knife Making, Thanksgiving Break
  • 12/2-12/6 Shave Horse, Axe Handle, Tool Care, Intro to long-term studies
  • 12/9-12/13 Business Boot Camp

Holiday Break 12/16/19 – 1/3/20

January Folk School (NH)

  • 1/6-1/10 Felt boots, Toboggans And Sleds, Snowshoeing
  • 1/13-1/17 Braintan mukluks by hand, Winter Ecology, tracking
  • 1/20-1/24 Ice Fishing
  • 1/27-1/31 Self Bows and Canoe Paddles
  • 2/3-2/7 Expedition Prep

Winter Term (ME)

  • 2/10-2/14 Winter Woodsman
  • 2/16-2/28 Boreal Snowshoe Expedition

Spring Break 3/1-3/10

Spring Break Trip (South Trip)

  • 3/15-3/28 Everglades Paddling Trip

April Folk School (NH)

  • 4/6-4/10 Barehand Navigation Intensive
  • 4/13-4/17 Fishing Intensive

Spring Term (ME)

  • 4/26-6/26 Wilderness Bushcraft Semester TA

Summer Break 6/27-7/11

Year 2 Summer Programs

  • 7/12-7/25 Y2P Canoe Expedition
  • 4/13-4/17 Y2P Primitive Wilderness Living Practicum

Graduation 8/8/2020

Tuition For 2019-2020

Tuition for the 2019-2020 course is $17,750. This includes lodging, some food, and most project materials. It does not include any food or meals except the staple foods provided, personal kit, or travel south to the Everglades. More information on this coming soon.

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